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Healthy meal drink based on proteins, fruits and vegetables rich in superfoods with the natural flavor of super berries, containing valuable nutrients and perfectly adapted to a healthy and balanced diet. 

Its tasty blend of small berries rich in antioxidants gives it its wonderful tangy taste

Ingredients: Pea protein*, Fermented rice powder*, Hemp protein*, Coconut milk*, Gluten free oats*, Banana*, Lemon juice*, Flaxseed protein*, Beetroot juice*, Pomegranate juice, Mixed fruits, vegetables & superfoods (natural calcium extracted from algae, broccoli, spinach, kale, pumpkin, sweet potato, sunflower seeds, cranberry, chlorella, maitake mushroom, shiitake mushroom)*, Avocado oil*, Freeze-dried strawberry*, Cranberry*, Stevia*, Natural flavors*. *Organic.

Organic cranberry from Quebec